tonytraductor (tonytraductor) wrote,

Good ol' time Revival in the neighborhood!

The neighbors set up some kind of church service right on their front porch (which is like 20 ft from my bedroom window), and were BLASTING on a sound system, all this frantic, fevered preaching, and gospel music to the entire fucking neighborhood, right ouside my fucking bedroom window (which is only like 20 ft from my office, where I work.

After an hour, I'd had enough.

I got my daughter this really nice Peavey amplifier last year, and a sweet stratocaster.
It only took about 5 minutes of jamming out on some Metallica and Jimi Hendrix, with the amp volume only at 3, for these assholes to pack it up.

Now, mind you, there's a family about 4 doors down that has church functions in their yard on a very regular basis, but they're not pricks about, blasting a PA system to the far reaches of the city. I don't mind those folks; I respect their right to worship as they please and enjoy their yard. That's fine, and they're lovely folks, and respectul, and really a pleasure to have in the neighborhood. We can hear it over hear, but not loudly, just barely. Like, not enough to drown out the TV at a normal volume or anything. That's fine.
But HELL NO, you ain't gonna blast that shite at full volume on a PA system outside my fucking bedroom window so loud I can hear it three blocks away.
Yes. That is correct. I could hear it three, really four blocks away.
I was out when they got started, and returning I did hear it a four blocks, and clearly enough to understand every fucking word at three blocks away, and when I got back to my street and saw it was the same fucking pricks that blast reggaeton every afternoon, polishing their fucking Honda with a diaper while I'm trying work, I knew precisely what I was going to do when I got into the house.
No way.
You can fuck off with that bullshite.
Come back, and I'll whip out the Opeth, Noumena, Glenn Danzig, CombiChrist, Asking Alexandria, Bring Me the Horizon, Miss May I, and Marylin Manson.
And I'll turn it up to 10.
We can have a real nice party.

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