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the Debian Administrator's Handbook

Read the Debian Administrator's Handbook online.

Written by two Debian developers — Raphaël Hertzog and Roland Mas — the Debian Administrator's Handbook started as a translation of their French best-seller known as Cahier de l'admin Debian (published by Eyrolles). It's a fantastic resource for all users of a Debian-based distribution. Accessible to all, this book teaches the essentials to anyone who wants to become an effective and independant Debian GNU/Linux administrator. It covers all the topics that a competent Linux administrator should master, from the installation and the update of the system, up to the creation of packages and the compilation of the kernel, but also monitoring, backup and migration, without forgetting advanced topics like SELinux setup to secure services, automated installations, or virtualization with Xen, KVM or LXC.

or: Buy a hard copy.

(and don't forget to see who contributed! Hmmm...indeed, that Anthony Baldwin of Baldwin Linguas mentioned does look familiar...I learned a lot working on this project, and had fun, too.)

Tags: admin, debian, gnu, handbook, linux, manual, sysadmin

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