May 14th, 2009


dwm - dynamic window manager

I'm actually trying out dwm (dynamic window manager - on my laptop.
It's got to be the most minimal wm that I've tried yet.
I'm feeling a little clumsy with it, but I find I'm able to do the things that I need.
The thing is, to modify it, say, for instance, to program in my favorite key bindings that would make my life easier, I would actually have to edit the C code and recompile the software.

here's a screenshot

Here's another

In other news, I've decided to remake LinguasOS, but based on #! crunchbang linux, the minimal, openbox/ubuntu distro, rather than just lump the whole project.

working with dwm

I installed dwm ( on my main box, too, and am working with it.
Here is a screenshot:

Shot shows OmegaT FOSS CAT tool, Tickle Dict, and Tickle Text.
I'm starting to like dwm.
My nephew used to use it and recommended it.
Now he's recommending scrotwm, but that's not in the Ubuntu repos, while dwm is.
Here's another really nifty screenshot:
In this one, you see three gnome-terminals, one of which is running cmatrix.

one more...

I just had to share this one last screenshot for the day...
I'm sorry...but I'm just basking in the sheer, beautiful geekiness of my current desktop, and had to share.

dwm - dynamic window manager (
on ubuntu linux
and irssi irc client.

just gorgeous...


Less geeking, more work!

I need to crack the whip around here, or something...
My work is going w a y t o o s l o w . . . today.
It's probably because I keep wasting time:
a) screwing around with my wm and taking screenshots and posting them on LJ.
b) responding to support requests on the ubuntu user e-list.
c) blabbing on #ubuntu and #crunchbang on
d) other random geeking on the computer (like trying to configure emacs to read my

I'd better get back to work.

mutt and other terminal delights

I'm just really back into this "I like minimal, do everything in terminal" mode again.
As such, I have successfully installed and configured mutt, a terminal based mail program, to work with my gmail via imap.
I know...just silly...
And, you guessed it, another screenshot:

You see here:
dwm window manager
4 xterms running
mutt mail program
irssi irc client
lynx text web browser
scrot to take the screenshot

I'm just so impressed with my geeky self, here.
Move along, folks...just let the geek amuse himself in peace.
And whatever you do, do not try to interact with the fr3@k...